Vol 7, No 1 (February 2016): Cytoreductive Surgery and HIPEC

Posted On 2015-12-30 19:01:01

This issue of Journal of Gastrointestinal Oncology (JGO) focuses on CRS/HIPEC and its application for various cancers. A paper led by the editors highlight some of the important historical developments in the evolution of CRS and HIPEC. Dr. Paul Sugarbaker and colleagues share their extensive expertise discussing surgical techniques of CRS/HIPEC and pharmacology of intraperitoneal chemotherapy, while Dr. Goodman provides an excellent review of the selection of chemotherapeutic agents used for this procedure. Dr. Low presents an interesting summary on the use of MRI in the pre-operative evaluation and surveillance of patients being considered for or treated with CRS/HIPEC. Finally, each of the five tumor histologies discussed above is considered in depth in a separate manuscript, including two original papers studying CRS/HIPEC for high grade appendiceal cancer and ovarian cancer. 

Also in this issue is an important section on quality issues pertaining to CRS/HIPEC, including a review paper discussing the morbidity and mortality associated with the procedure. These procedures can be extensive, and not without risk, and consideration of these factors in the clinical decision making is essential. Dr. Lambert provides a very thoughtful synopsis of the palliative role of CRS/HIPEC, and Dr. Turaga discusses the impact of surgical volume in centers of these procedures on surgical outcomes. Dr. Votanopoulos presents a review of the indications and outcomes following repeat HIPEC surgery, which can be sometimes considered in select patients. Finally, Dr. Nash discusses current prospective clinical trials involving CRS with HIPEC.

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