Article Abstract

Gastric adenocarcinoma revealed by atypical pulmonary lymphangitic carcinomatosis

Authors: Maia Belhassine, Eugenia Papakrivopoulou, Christian Venet, Carole Mestdagh, Marc Schroeven


Pulmonary lymphangitic carcinomatosis (PLC) is a well-known form of tumour metastasis to the pulmonary lymphatic system or to the adjacent interstitial tissue resulting in thickening of the bronchovascular bundle and septa. Another type of tumour metastasis to the lung involves the pulmonary vascular system and is known as pulmonary tumour thrombotic microangiopathy (PTTM). In this article, we will describe the unusual case of a young Chinese woman with gastric adenocarcinoma revealed by atypical radiographic lesions consistent with both PLC and PTTM. We will discuss the existing evidence and hypotheses about the pathophysiology of both conditions.