Vol 3, No 3 (September 2012): Journal of Gastrointestinal Oncology (Current Topics in Gastrointestinal and Liver Pathology)

Review Article

Colorectal carcinoma: Pathologic aspects
Matthew Fleming, Sreelakshmi Ravula, Sergei F. Tatishchev, Hanlin L. Wang
Alcoholic liver disease- Hepatocellular carcinoma transformation
Samuel W French, James Lee, Jim Zhong, Timothy R Morgan, Virgil Buslon, William Lungo, Barbara A French
Molecular pathology of pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors
Mingyi Chen, Michael Van Ness, Yangtong Guo, Jeffrey Gregg
Gastrointestinal stromal tumor
Xiaohui Zhao, Changjun Yue
Gastrointestinal lymphomas: Morphology, immunophenotype and molecular features
Marnelli A. Bautista-Quach, Christopher D. Ake, Mingyi Chen, Jun Wang
The association between obesity factor and esophageal caner
Qi Chen, Hengguo Zhuang, Yanhui Liu
Barrett’s esophagus: A review of diagnostic criteria, clinical surveillance practices and new developments
Cassie L. Booth, Kevin S. Thompson
Genetics and molecular pathology of gastric malignancy: Development of targeted therapies in the era of personalized medicine
Michael Van Ness, Jeffrey Gregg, Jun Wang, Mingyi Chen
Gastric cancer: Classification, histology and application of molecular pathology
Bing Hu, Nassim El Hajj, Scott Sittler, Nancy Lammert, Robert Barnes, Aurelia Meloni-Ehrig
Immunohistochemical features of the gastrointestinal tract tumors
Hannah H. Wong, Peiguo Chu
Role of cytopathology in the diagnosis and management of gastrointestinal tract cancers
Rachel Conrad, Shobha Castelino-Prabhu, Camilla Cobb, Anwar Raza


The focused issue “Current Topics in Gastrointestinal and Liver Pathology” was commissioned by the Editorial office, Journal of Gastrointestinal Oncology without any sponsorship or funding. Jun Wang served as the unpaid Guest Editor for the focused issue.