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Review Article

Value-based focused global population health management
John F. Gibbs, Ashley Newman, Richard G. Stefanacci
Surgery for locally advanced PDAC—is it only about the vessels?
Max Heckler, Thilo Hackert
Implications of the growing incidence of global colorectal cancer
Benjamin W. Vabi, John F. Gibbs, Glenn S. Parker
Pathology reporting of margin status in locally advanced pancreatic cancer: challenges and uncertainties
Eline C. Soer, Caroline S. Verbeke
State of the art vaccination strategies as primary prevention to reduce incidence of gastrointestinal cancers
Rhea Daniel, Sarah Lowry, Harpreet Pall
Global trends in pancreas cancer among Asia-Pacific population
Rohit Ranganath, Quyen Chu
Resectable, borderline, and locally advanced pancreatic cancer—“the good, the bad, and the ugly” candidates for surgery?
Svein Olav Bratlie, Johanna Wennerblom, Caroline Vilhav, Jan Persson, Elena Rangelova
Addressing the worldwide hepatocellular carcinoma: epidemiology, prevention and management
Hrishikesh Samant, Hosein Shokouh Amiri, Gazi B. Zibari
Esophageal cancer: the rise of adenocarcinoma over squamous cell carcinoma in the Asian belt
Victoria J. Grille, Stuart Campbell, John F. Gibbs, Thomas L. Bauer
The role of oral health in gastrointestinal malignancies
Christian Madsen
Favorable tumor biology in locally advanced pancreatic cancer—beyond CA19-9
Benedict Kinny-Köster, Joseph R. Habib, Christopher L. Wolfgang, Jin He, Ammar A. Javed
A discussion of the gut microbiome’s development, determinants, and dysbiosis in cancers of the esophagus and stomach
Karan Grover, Stephanie Gregory, John F. Gibbs, Nancy J. Emenaker
Value-based chronic care model approach for vulnerable older patients with multiple chronic conditions
John F. Gibbs, Ellen Guarnieri, Quyen D. Chu, Kenneth Murdoch, Arif Asif
Gastric cancer: lessons learned from high-incidence geographic regions
Raquel Abengozar, Aayush Sharma, Rohit Sharma
Neoadjuvant treatment of localized pancreatic adenocarcinoma
Alexis D. Leal, Wells A. Messersmith, Christopher H. Lieu
The brain–gut axis in gastrointestinal cancers
Orna Alpert, Leonid Begun, Tony Issac, Ramon Solhkhah
Can local ablative techniques replace surgery for locally advanced pancreatic cancer?
Ulrike Heger, Thilo Hackert

Original Article

Proton stereotactic body radiation therapy for liver metastases—results of 5-year experience for 81 hepatic lesions
Alex R. Coffman, Daniel C. Sufficool, Joseph I. Kang, Chung-Tsen Hsueh, Sasha Swenson, Patrick Q. McGee, Gayathri Nagaraj, Baldev Patyal, Mark E. Reeves, Jerry D. Slater, Gary Y. Yang
A novel risk stratification for predicting prognosis of colorectal cancer patients with bone metastasis
Xiaolong Ma, Xu Guan, Chenxi Ma, Jichuan Quan, Zhixun Zhao, Haipeng Chen, Haiyang Huang, Ran Wei, Zheng Liu, Zheng Jiang, Yinggang Chen, Xishan Wang
KRAS gene status in gastric signet-ring cell carcinoma patients and acts as biomarker of MEK inhibitor
Nandie Wu, Ying Huang, Fangcen Liu, Xingyun Xu, Baorui Liu, Jia Wei
Machine learning-based random forest predicts anastomotic leakage after anterior resection for rectal cancer
Rongbo Wen, Kuo Zheng, Qihang Zhang, Leqi Zhou, Qizhi Liu, Guanyu Yu, Xianhua Gao, Liqiang Hao, Zheng Lou, Wei Zhang