Vol 6, No 5 (October 2015): Journal of Gastrointestinal Oncology

Original Article

Surgery for gallbladder cancer in the US: a need for greater lymph node clearance
Thuy B. Tran, Nicholas N. Nissen
Increased risk of colorectal polyps in patients with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease undergoing liver transplant evaluation
Birju D. Bhatt, Thresiamma Lukose, Abby B. Siegel, Robert S. Brown Jr, Elizabeth C. Verna
Radioembolization with Yttrium-90 microspheres for patients with unresectable hepatocellular carcinoma
Munveer Singh Bhangoo, Diraj R. Karnani, Paul N. Hein, Huan Giap, Harry Knowles, Chris Issa, Steve Steuterman, Paul Pockros, Catherine Frenette
Evaluation and comparison of postoperative levels of serum bilirubin, serum transaminases and alkaline phosphatase in laparoscopic cholecystectomy versus open cholecystectomy
Rikki Singal, Rajinder Pal Singal, Karamjot Sandhu, Bir Singh, Gaurav Bhatia, Abhishek Khatri, Bhanu Pratap Sharma
Palliative oxaliplatin-based chemotherapy after exposure to oxaliplatin in the adjuvant setting for colon cancer
Renata D’Alpino Peixoto, Aalok Kumar, Howard John Lim
Establishing the link between hepatitis B virus infection and colorectal adenoma
Brijesh B. Patel, Seth Lipka, Huafeng Shen, Ashley H. Davis-Yadley, Prakash Viswanathan
Outcomes of resected pancreatic cancer in patients age ≥70
Thomas J. Hayman, Tobin Strom, Gregory M. Springett, Lodovico Balducci, Sarah E. Hoffe, Kenneth L. Meredith, Pamela Hodul, Mokenge Malafa, Ravi Shridhar
Delayed diagnosis of pancreatic cancer reported as more common in a population of North African young adults
Feriel Sellam, Noria Harir, Méghit B. Khaled, Nesrine M. Mrabent, Rachida Salah, Arslane Benchouk, Mustapha Diaf
Role of gemcitabine as second-line therapy after progression on FOLFIRINOX in advanced pancreatic cancer: a retrospective analysis
Aline da Rocha Lino, Carina Meira Abrahão, Raphael Moreira Brandão, Jessica Ribeiro Gomes, Andrea Malta Ferrian, Marcel Cerqueira César Machado, Antonio Carlos Buzaid, Fernando Cotait Maluf, Renata D’Alpino Peixoto
Increased risk of death due to heart disease after radiotherapy for esophageal cancer
Jonathan Frandsen, Dustin Boothe, David K. Gaffney, Brent D. Wilson, Shane Lloyd
Comparison of anal cancer outcomes in public and private hospital patients treated at a single radiation oncology center
Danielle S. Bitterman, David Grew, Ping Gu, Richard F. Cohen, Nicholas J. Sanfilippo, Cynthia G. Leichman, Lawrence P. Leichman, Harvey G. Moore, Heather T. Gold, Kevin L. Du

Educational Case Series of the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

“This is not me”: patient, family, cultural and clinician considerations in cases of severe cancer-related debility
Daneng Li, Ghassan K. Abou-Alfa, Aaron D. Viny, Meredith Cammarata, Ali Shamseddine, Ashwaq Al-Olayan, Hibah Osman, Ali Haydar, Ghassan Kanazi, Mohamed Naghy, Eileen M. O’Reilly, Andrew S. Epstein

Case Report

Fatal hepatitis B reactivation in a patient with islet cell tumor on octreotide and sirolimus
Ersilia M. DeFilippis, Emmy Ludwig
Liver resection for metastatic colorectal leiomyosarcoma: a single center experience
Walid Faraj, Jessica El-Kehdy, Ghina El Nounou, Samer Deeba, Hawraa Fakih, Mark Jabbour, Ali Haydar, Abdallah Abou El Naaj, Ghassan K. Abou-Alfa, Eileen M. O’Reilly, Ali Shamseddine, Mohamad Khalife, Deborah Mukherji
Duodenal and gallbladder metastasis of regressive melanoma: a case report and review of the literature
Hamza Ettahri, Fadwa Elomrani, Mustapha Elkabous, Mouna Rimani, Saber Boutayeb, Hind Mrabti, Hassan Errihani
Cetuximab in combination with cisplatin and 5-Fluorouracil induces dramatic response in metastatic refractory squamous cell carcinoma of the anal canal
Jane E. Rogers, Ninoska N. Silva, Cathy Eng
Tracheo-oesophageal fistula after palliative treatment of oesophageal cancer
Peter W. Hamer, Ewen A. Griffiths, Peter G. Devitt