Report of three cases of gastric choriocarcinomas—an emphasis on morphologic changes in the non-affected gastric mucosa

Janet C. Guzmán-López, Leonardo S. Lino-Silva, Rosa A. Salcedo-Hernández, César Zepeda-Najar


Primary gastric choriocarcinomas (PGC) are very rare and aggressive neoplasms with a worrisome prognosis. Most cases are reported in Asia and presented in middle-aged adults with male predominance. Most cases are associated with an intestinal adenocarcinoma; however, the pathogenesis of this tumor is uncertain. No previous reports exist of the characteristics of the non-tumoral stomach in these patients, and this data that could help to clarify their pathogenesis. We presented a series of three cases of PGC in Latin American patients, emphasizing the characteristics of non-neoplastic mucosa.