Article Abstract

An unusual case of obstructive jaundice: ampullary Burkitt lymphoma

Authors: Vinay Balasaheb Pawar, Ravindra Surude, Nikhil Sonthalia, Samit Jain, Qais Contractor, Pravin Rathi


Primary lymphomas of the digestive tract are uncommon heterogenous group of neoplasms that primarily affects stomach. Lymphomatous involvement of small intestine is amongst the rare lymphomas; ampullary involvement is even rarer. It is important to recognize this entity early as it mimics periampullary neoplasms and its management is different. We present the case of a 14-year-old male who presented with rapidly progressive obstructive jaundice and weight loss and ultimately was diagnosed to have ampullary Burkitt’s lymphoma. Early diagnosis of this aggressive tumor and prompt induction of chemotherapy dramatically improved the patient's condition. It is crucial to consider Burkitt’s lymphoma as a differential diagnosis of obstructive jaundice as both the treatment and prognosis are markedly different.