Refining the management of resectable esophagogastric cancer: FLOT4, CRITICS, OE05, MAGIC-B and the promise of molecular classification

Jeremy Chuang, Jun Gong, Samuel J. Klempner, Yanghee Woo, Joseph Chao


The multidisciplinary management of locoregional esophagogastric cancers (GCs) has evolved significantly over the past two decades. While perioperative chemotherapy, adjuvant chemotherapy, and postoperative chemotherapy with chemoradiation (CRT) have demonstrated improved survival when compared to surgery alone, there is no universal standard for resectable gastroesophageal cancer. Current global management patterns vary by geographic region, partly related to phase III data originating from each global region. Herein we detail the landmark phase III trials that support the various multimodality treatment paradigms in resectable GC, with particular focus on findings from more recent phase III gastroesophageal cancer trials including FLOT4, MAGIC-B, OE05, and CRITICS. We highlight important ongoing and future approaches including the potential of molecular subtyping, predictive biomarkers, and immunotherapy as avenues to further improve outcomes in resectable gastroesophageal cancer.