Article Abstract

Outcomes of adjuvant radiotherapy and lymph node resection in elderly patients with pancreatic cancer treated with surgery and chemotherapy

Authors: Jessica Frakes, Eric A. Mellon, Gregory M. Springett, Pamela Hodul, Mokenge P. Malafa, William J. Fulp, Xiuhua Zhao, Sarah E. Hoffe, Ravi Shridhar, Kenneth L. Meredith


Background: We sought to determine the effects of post-operative radiation therapy (PORT) and lymph node resection (LNR) on survival in patients ≥70 years with pancreatic cancer treated with surgery and chemotherapy.
Methods: An analysis of patients ≥70 years with surgically resected pancreatic cancer who received chemotherapy from the SEER database between 2004–2008 was performed to determine association of PORT and LNR on survival.
Results: We identified 961 patients who met inclusion criteria. There was a trend towards increased survival associated with PORT in all patients (P=0.052) and N1 patients (P=0.060) but no benefit in N0 patients (P=0.161). There was no difference in OS based on number of lymph nodes removed in all (P=0.741), N0 (P=0.588), and N1 (P=0.070) patients. MVA for all patients revealed that higher T stage, N1, and high grade tumors were prognostic for increased mortality, while there was decreased mortality with PORT and mild benefit with increased lymph nodes resected (P=0.084).
Conclusions: PORT demonstrated no benefit in survival of pancreatic cancer patients ≥70 who are resected and treated with adjuvant chemotherapy. Future investigation will need to address age as a stratification factor for pancreatic cancer in the adjuvant setting.