Article Abstract

Increasing disparity in colorectal cancer incidence and mortality among African Americans and whites: A state’s experience

Authors: Noelle K LoConte, Amy Williamson, Arlene Gayle, Jennifer Weiss, Ticiana Leal, Jeremy Cetnar, Tabraiz Mohammed, Amye Tevaarwerk, Nathan Jones


Objectives: To measure disparities between African Americans and whites in colorectal cancer incidence and mortality rates between 1995-2006 in Wisconsin.
Methods: Cancer incidence data were obtained from the Wisconsin Cancer Reporting System. Cancer mortality data were accessed from the SEER. Trends in incidence and mortality rates were calculated and changes in relative disparity were measured using rate ratios.
Results: The relative disparity in incidence grew from 1.0 in 1995 and 1.3 in 2006. The relative disparity in death rates for African Americans widened as well, from 1.2 to 1.5.
Conclusion: A persistent and widening colorectal cancer racial disparity exists.