Article Abstract

Advances in cholangiocarcinoma research: report from the third Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation Annual Conference

Authors: Ghassan K. Abou-Alfa, Jesper B. Andersen, William Chapman, Michael Choti, Stuart J. Forbes, Gregory J. Gores, Theodore S. Hong, James J. Harding, Matthew G. Vander Heiden, Milind Javle, Robin K. Kelley, Lawrence N. Kwong, Maeve Lowery, Allyson Merrell, Katsuyuki Miyabe, Andrew Rhim, Supriya Saha, Daniela Sia, Suebpong Tanasanvimon, Alan Venook, Juan W. Valle, Chad Walesky, Jonathan Whetstine, Holger Willenbring, Andrew X. Zhu, Donna Mayer, Ben Z. Stanger


Despite a few global regions with increased incidence, cancers of the biliary tract remain a rare entity. Cholangiocarcinoma has been referred to as an ‘orphan’ cancer, given its relative infrequency in the Western population.